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Nathan Chris Baker was born on December 23, 2006 and passed away on September 2, 2012. He was such a joy to everyone he touched in his life.

This is a place where we will post wonderful things about Nathan and updates on how donations for his memorial park are being used.


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  1. Nancy

    Today was a very powerful day for me, my husband, and our two little boys. We attended the incredible Nathan Chris Baker Day at Hoppers. A month or so ago, I had been sent the flyer by a dear friend and immediately put in on my calendar, thinking “What a fun day! And what better cause?” Yet I didn’t know how this event and my subsequent visit to this website would be so painful and beautiful all at the same time. Without going in to detail, please know that Nathan’s life and death and your strength and faith and ability to SHARE all of this has helped a family that was falling apart come back together again. God does work in such mysterious ways.

  2. Brandon Brown

    Christmas time since I was old enough to remember has been my favorite time of year hands down. Throughout life I was raised to love and be thankful for what I had. The older I got and the more I got the more I took life and Christmas forgranted. The past several years Ive let holidays come and go as usual and with excitement as usual. Iv always enjoyed giving gifts over getting them. Iv gotten into a routine and nothing changed the past few years. This year Christmas takes on a totally different meaning. Life took on a whole different meaning after witnessing such an event. Each day I think about that day and everything that has happened since. Nates birthday this Sunday and its a shame but its prolly the first time since he was born that I will know its his bday. Being a relative that lives few hours away from Katie and Justin I have now regretted the lack of time we have spent together. Life grows everyone apart and not realizing what I was missing the past several years till this year really broke my heart. To realize I have learned more about Nate since his death then I should have known the past 5 years is sad. Ever since going through that horrible day in september I have changed my outlook on life. I have dedicated more time to helping others in need. I have strived to spend more time with my Family. Christmas this year will take on a different feeling for me. As I sit and open gifts with my son I will also be grieving with my family. I want to spread Nates love not only this Christmas but from here on out in life. I miss Nate and know God still has a plan for everyone in life. Christmas won’t ever be the same but maybe thats not a bad thing. The same ol same ol each year that I have been used to is what I needed to change. Making Christmas more about love and family again is what I needed to do in first place. This Christmas by far will be the saddest one we have been through I think ever. Nate has touched many people with his life and for me personally he touches me each and every day. I know it will take time to ease the pain. We will never move on or forget. Our family has always been close and have been first to jump to help each other. I want to make sure my son grows up knowing each and every one of the family members. I want him to love and respect what a family is. I hope I never revert back to the way Christmas and life was before a few months ago. I hope to continue to use Nates life as fuel to keep helping others and to spend more time with family. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and holds their family close and spread the love more and more next year. Love Brandon.

  3. Jan Snow

    God Bless you Brandon – We are all guilty of taking things for granted. You put my feelings to words so well!!!! Merry Christmas and make it GREAT in honor of Nate!!!

  4. Doug, Crystal, Landon, and Allie

    Thinking of you all and remembering Nate on his day:
    This is a clip from a song that I always think of Nate when I hear it:

    “Today could’ve been the day that you’d blow out your candles
    And make a wish as you close your eyes..
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you
    I’m always asking why this crazy world had to lose
    Such a ray of light…
    Gone too soon….”

    As Nate’s Birthday has arrived and Christmas is approaching, we find ourselves missing this little guy even more. Justin, Katie, and the kids have always been a big part of our lives and there are so many special memories we have made together. We value the bond between them, us, and our kids. It’s been a joy to be there through all the milestones, and essentially we have been able to grow up together. I think of Nate daily and of course when I do the tears start to come, but a smile is always there too. I smile for all the fun times we had with him, for the funny things he said and did, and just the love we had for him. I remember the day Nate was born and that night I went to visit him in the hospital. I remember laughing with Katie at how big he was. I loved holding him and seeing his beautiful face. Those are the special moments that will be in our hearts forever.
    So on this day we are sending our love and support.

  5. Brooke Lawrence Hanford

    Today I had the pleasure of catching up with a fraction of Nate’s family, who are also old friends of the Lawrence family. Unfortunately, you weren’t there today, Katie, (obviously tending to mommy duties), but I think I hugged Justin enough for the both of you…at least that was my intention. I’ve been wanting to do just that for sometime now. It was a joy to hear Justin tell stories about all of the kids, and to watch his eyes light up even more than they already were at the mere mention of Nate’s name. You all (mom,dad,aunts,uncles,grandparents, cousins,etc…) constantly amaze me with your strength. Kayla made a list of about 8 great things she’d like to do in his honor just on the 10 minute drive home. It’s working. You all continue to inspire us to be great. Thank you! I never had the honor of meeting this awesome little fella, but I feel like I know him through all of the stories, blog posts, and pics. He has forever changed my heart. I speak for my whole family when I say you all remain in our thoughts and prayers, permanently. xoxo

  6. Rick McCauley

    Would like to help in any way i can….. an oriole park fundraiser? My daughter went to school at North stafford, remebmers the family well. I have worked with Nate’s Dad and Uncle. THisa has hit a large community haed. Thanks for allowing all of us a way to come together and help you and each other

    1. nathanchrisbaker Post author

      Rick – thanks! My wife actually went to school with Gennifer. We are working on getting out non-profit status through the IRS before we doing any other fundraising. We are interested in doing something like that maybe in the fall. I think an O’s game is a great idea. Hope you are doing good. Talk with you soon. -Justin-

  7. Stacey Moffitt

    My name is Stacey Moffitt and I am a parent and the Noon Duty Supervisor at Greenbrook Elementary School in Danville, Ca. We have been “rallying for recess” along with Mechanicsville Elementary in hopes of winning a new playground. I have been collecting and entering codes since August, and for the majority of the contest, we had maintained the top spot in our league, with Mechanicsville right behind us. Over the Christmas Break, it became apparent to myself and the other mom’s involved in the contest at our school, that we no longer had a chance. We then decided that the remaining codes we had, we wanted to donate to Mechanicsville. The story of Nathan really, really touched us and we felt that it would be great to be a small part in helping to honor him. We have contacted the PTA President at Mehanicsville and are currently working out the details with her in how we are going to forward the approximately 1500 or so codes we have to donate. As a parent of two small boys, I can’t tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Good luck in the contest and know that our school community in California is rooting for you and will be checking the leader board with fingers crossed.

    1. Jackie

      This is amazing, I cried reading this today. I know that my nephew is smiling down. Thank you to the amazing people at Greenbook Elementry School! I am in awe of how Nate continues to touch people and bring people together. xo

    2. Connie

      This is amazing! I just read this and it touched my heart deeply! Thank you for your support Greenbrook Elem School. You are Great! Our grandson has touched so many lives and will continue to do so!

  8. Bray Family

    “I don’t think you can ever forget someone that once was the reason you smiled!” Missing you and sending our love Nate!
    Uncle Doug, Aunt Crystal, Landon , and Allie


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