Nate the Great

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All –

I promise that Katie & I read these posts daily along with the FB posts, text messages, email, voicemails, etc.

We are committed to keeping Nathan’s memory alive and promise to post stories, photos, and videos in the days ahead. I tried to post tonight but just couldn’t bring myself to type. It will come.

We thank everyone for your posts and all that you have done for our family. Please continue to share your stories about “Nate the Great” with others.

You can also visit a FB page created in honor of Nate: Nathan Chris Baker : Go Out. Be Great.



One thought on “Nate the Great

  1. marcie

    Truly is amazing how lil moments really do touch peoples lives. I told this story to so many friends (even before we lost Nate) sharing how precious it was watching you with your son Justin. You were teaching him and you were so patient. It TRULY blessed my heart that day. Love you guys ❤


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